Waszink Actuarial Advisory

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To add value to Financial Institutions by strengthening use of capital, reinsurance, risk management and compliance with prudential regulation.
  • To provide excellent service in line with national and international best practice.
  • To add value significantly in excess of cost to the client’s business.




  • To enable clients to deepen their understanding of the risks and rewards inherent in their business and the tools used in the process of risk management and value optimisation.

  • To enable clients to fully comply with prudential regulation whilst adding value to their business in the process.

  • To inform clients of the latest developments in applicable risk management techniques and the regulatory environment.


  • Development of new methodology, tools and insights for the continuous improvement of risk control and risk modelling.




  • To give advice based on facts, analysis, experience, best practice, unbiased assumptions and informed opinions with a clear separation of commercial interests.
  • To uphold the highest professional standards at all times.
  • Full confidentiality and impartiality.


Contribution to industry wide development of risk management 


  • To contribute to the development of risk management methodology such as those (being) developed by the IAA, governmental organisations and industry bodies.
  • To act as a representative of the insurance risk management community.